Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Week 2 - Phase 2

Week 2 of the Harcombe Diet is about not combining Fat and Carbs in the same meal, but so far I have been really struggling to do this. Need to have a re-think.

Day 15 - Tuesday

Breakfast         Alpen and Milk

Lunch              Cup a soup and toast, yoghurt

Tea                  Sausages and Jacket Potato, cherry yoghurt

Snacks             Jaffa Cakes, tomatoes, pickled gherkins

Drinks              Green tea, orange squash

Day 14 - Monday

Breakfast         Alpen and milk (already broken the fat and carbs rule)

Lunch               Cup a soup and toasted weightwatchers bread, cherry yoghurt

Tea                   Bacon and Stir Fry Veg

Snacks            Apple, packet of crisps (oh dear)

Drinks            Green tea, Decaff coffee with milk

Day 13 - Sunday

Breakfast          None (still a bad habit).

Lunch               Prawn salad, cherry yoghurt

Tea                   Lamb Shank, roast potatoes and Veg

Snacks             Apple, 2 chocolate digestive biscuits (I see a weakness).

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  1. Hi Arwedd, I didn't realise you were following the diet too - well done. You seem to be doing really well - good for you xxx